Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Ivy Fine Arts Spring '11

1.  Violin
-  Ivy continues to take private lessons once every two weeks and plays with the Fiddlekidz weekly.  She has performed at several recitals, a school fundraiser dance, and they busked at the farmer's market.  The group will play at the Children's Festival on May 28th.  Ivy is excited about their opportunity to record at CD in cooperation with the Penn High music students.  Their first recording session is this coming Thursday.  They are also scheduled as an opening band for the 3 Tenors in Gyro Park in early July.

2.  Sketching

3.  Writing sample from library workshop (handed in)

4.   Photos from Dominion Observatory

5.  New claymation project (in progress) 

Update: Another violin video from June:

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Pearl said...

Re-visited your spring blogs and enjoyed them all over again. The girls are doing so well and progressing in their areas of interest. (Love Ezzie's biking too!) Keep it coming.