Tuesday, June 2, 2009

gifted program

Here is a link to the topics Ivy has been working on in her Tuesday afternoon gifted program, AIM.

Art, Term III

Ivy's art submissions for the term:

1. James Ehnis review (folder)
2. Windmill painting
3. Puppet show
4. Violin
5. Phys. Ed & Health drawing (folder)

Ella's art:

1. James Ehnis review (folder)
2. Tree painting
3. Tree life cycle
4. Stump photo
5. Puppet show

Osoyoos Field Trip

Ivy, Ella and I really enjoyed the field trip to the Nk'Mip Desert Cultural Centre on June 1st with the HLP. We learned a lot about rattlesnakes, local ecology and the Nk'Mip culture.

These signs were everywhere and it was almost enough to make us paranoid. The one snake we saw (other than the ones that were being released) was lounging under the walkway with a big bulge where it was digesting a small rabbit!

Witnessing a rattlesnake release!

A short learning time in the big pithouse. It was cool & shady after a warm hike.

We took the opportunity to celebrate the end of the school year. We had ice cream, spent a few hours at the beach and enjoyed the mini-golf and bumper boats at Rattlesnake Canyon. We finished up with supper at one of our favourite restaurants - the Best of India in Oliver. A wonderful end to a fun & successful year! The girls did a fantastic job of figuring out this home schooling thing.

Best Circus Ever

Here's the script & photos for a puppet show the girls created with their grandma this term. Their goal was to use every single puppet which is no small feat!

Script for scenes:

The Best Circus Ever

1. Sunny and Kangaroo
Kenny the Cartwheeling Kangaroo

Piggy the Villain knocks over flowerpot

2. Flower princess and Dimbo
Dimbo the tree-climbing dinosaur

Piggy chops down the tree

3. Fairy and Dragon
Dirk the Daredevil Dragon flies around the world

Piggy goes in spaceship and knocks him off course

4. Pirate and fish
Finny the flying fish
Piggy knocks out flying fish with submarine

5. Clown and Bee
The bee is called Minnie the Mindreader

Piggy interrupts the silence by going lalalala and acting silly

6. Princess and Frog
Froggy the juggler juggles one ball

Piggy knocks away the ball

7. Pop-up guy and mouse
Fernango the fortune-telling mouse

Piggy says, Forget it, your fortune is nothing. You are unfortunate.

8. Gnome and Ted the Bear
Ted the Bear is the One with Hair. He is a wig-maker, whose wigs “never” fall off.

Piggy knocks the wig off and puts it on.


Ivy painted this windmill & scene from her imagination. I love the tethered horses kicking up the desert sand and the bright colours of the windmill.