Thursday, February 24, 2011


We just found a great interactive site with lots of biome info geared for kids.

Wild Classroom "Biomes of the World"

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Preschool Homelearner

Ezra has been stoked on spelling lately. He's very keen on knowing which letters start different words, and the girls have been helping him too. Yesterday he asked me to do some spelling while I was cooking, and I got three words recorded in a short video:

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Ivy book list winter 2011

Mysterious Benedict Society x3

Percy Jackson x5

Cat Warriors x 6 or 7?

We lost track of the  many single books she read but somehow she fit in all these series' too!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Mars Base

Mars Base: "

3D model by ivy
kids space base

Ella Krazyklub base

Ella Krazyklub base: "

3D model by turkey hawk
kids space base

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Daily Math

We've been trying to integrate our math into daily activities to put it into context (and to provide a reason for learning it!). Ella and Vanessa went out on an errand to buy us some apples from the "Apple Barn" down the road. They knew that apples would cost 50 cents per pound, and that we had $6. They set off and came back with the perfect amount of apples and big smiles. It was a great snack, thanks!

Ivy and her friends have also done this errand for me with fabulous results but sadly, I didn't take photos! 

Ella Fine Arts Winter '11

Ella loves graphic novels and cartooning. She's even written her own first comic! Here are samples of the kinds of things she's been working on.

1. There is a story to go with this lovely girl, I'll see if I can get Ella to re-tell it for the blog...

2. Photocopied cartoon

3. Ella continues to go to voice lessons one time a week and practices her songs and some basic piano 4 days a week. Her favourite song she's worked on so far is still "Sally's Song" from the movie "The Nightmare Before Christmas", but she's working on some new ones, including Weird Al!

4. Kerpoof

5. DSi animation

6. Mini-clips

7. Sketch-up

Ivy Fine Arts Winter '11

1.  Ivy made a set of three cartoons, each depicting her with a different friend. She's really developed confidence in her style and has fun with playing with settings, colours and fashions.

2.  The following is a portrait of the "Terran Oracle" from Ivy's planet of Terra.  She has developed an extensive library of information on Terra, including cities, maps, costume, diet, housing and language!

3.  Ivy's Christmas performance with the Fiddlekidz at the Opus Coffee House.

4. Sketch-up

5. Mini-clips

6. DSi animation

7. Kerpoof