Thursday, October 28, 2010

Ivy Fine Arts

1. Claymation project at HLP

2. Journal Entry - Experience of trial hip hop class (hard copy)

3. Sketch Up space shuttles (online)
- space camper is a downloaded graphic that she has modified, space ship 1 is her own creation

4. Bounce Band (hard copy)
- Ivy and two friends have co-written 2 songs. They have the lyrics and melody for the choruses. They have parts for vocals, guitar, piano and violin! Sorry, no footage yet.

5. Drawing - Pixie (hard copy)

6. Short Story - "The Eternal Flame", inspired by Storyworld cards (hard copy)
- used the cards "Youngest Son", "Cat", "Eternal Flame", and "Wild Beast".

7. Ivy is taking violin again this year. She attends Fiddlekidz once a week and has a private lesson every other week with Liz Lupton.

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