Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Hiebert Science Fair

Here are the photos from the inaugural Hiebert Science Fair. Special thanks to Jeremy Hiebert for being the official judge who asked great questions and had insightful feedback.

Grandpa won "Excellence in Electrical Innovation" prize for his lemon powered battery (later combined with the light up lollipop experiment for true learning on the fly).

Ivy did an experiment based on the warning on jello boxes not to use specific fruits. She took the prize for "Food Chemistry".

Grandma grew numerous Sweet William plants under different conditions and carefully recorded when they sprouted and how well they grew. She is planning to update her findings in spring. Her project earned her an "Excellence in Horticulture".

Not to be left out, Ezra helped mix up a batch of play dough from scratch, after carefully selecting the fruit punch flavour of kool-aid to add colour and scent to his creation. He earned the award "Excellence in being Ezra".

We didn't get a shot of Ella's rocks, but her project included a description of some of her gem stones as well as a matching game to test our knowledge of them. She was awarded "Excellence in Geology".

My (Tannis) light up lollipop involved soldering wires to an LED light and slipping the wires through an empty pen tube. I followed a recipe for a large lollipop and placed the LED end in the mold. When it was firm I used electrical tape to hold a watch style batter in place at the base of the pen ( we also managed to run it off the lemon battery although it wasn't very bright). Ezra helped us prove that yes, the lollipop was indeed edible. I don't remember what my award was called!

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