Wednesday, April 21, 2010


We are lucky to have an abuela and an abuelo (? did I get that right?) who are willing to spend time teaching the girls Spanish. Ivy and Ella put a lot of effort into a gorgeous sign welcoming them to our home last week (they live in Winnipeg). Grandma Pearl spent most of a morning teaching them the correct pronunciation of common words and short phrases. Very patient!


Pearl said...

With your quick learners it was so much fun to spend the time with them. The money math looks pretty practical and attractive! But the bread looks delicious. Are you sharing the recipe? caon amor, su abuela

Ivy said...

that sign was so fun to make!

Pearl said...

It now looks nice and cheerful on our fridge Ivy. There was one lonely flower in the corner that was waiting to be coloured so I got to help too. Love you and remember to review Spanish now & then.