Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Exploration of Violin Styles

Ivy and Ella have been trying out the violin this fall, Ella more informally and Ivy in group lessons. This week, I sent Ivy a list of videos on YouTube showing different styles of violin playing. Then the three of us went through each one, discussing the differences and marveling at the incredible skills displayed.

James Ehnes, the classical violinist we're going to see in March:

Dueling Celtic violins -- two women really lettin' 'er rip fiddle style, while dancing

A woman who plays jazz on the violin -- really neat style, where she slides the notes up and down a lot.

Natalie MacMaster -- a wonderful Canadian violinist who plays upbeat fiddle-style songs

Maybe not your style, but Ashley MacIssac is an incredible fiddler who also plays the violin in a punk rock band:

Yellowcard song that really uses the violin nicely in a few places:

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