Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Books and Reading

We're avid users of the Summerland Library, cycling through at least 10-20 kids' books a week and almost always having around 50 out at a time. A few notes on what we're reading:
  • Ella enjoys reading the better Easy Readers on her own, usually from Level 1 to 3. She also enjoys reading picture books, and probably goes through five or six a week. We read aloud together every night, often a picture book and a chapter of a chapter book.
  • Ivy is a voracious reader, plowing through chapter books daily. It's been a challenge to keep her well stocked with good quality books at her reading level, with appropriate content. She loves the Penderwicks, the Ivy & Bean series, the first Harry Potter, My Father's Dragon, Spiderwicks, Judy Moody, Little House on the Prairie, several Roald Dahl books, Clarice Bean, The Doll People, Dragonology, Far-Flung Adventures, etc. She also enjoys non-fiction, but hasn't seemed as interested since the schoolwork started.

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